Vacation International aims to be a very successful Tourism Agency not only in Qatar and the entire Middle East but also worldwide.  We have achieved quite a lot in one year of our establishment and aim for higher in the coming years.


Vacation International Travel and Tours seeks to create opportunities in the form of a holiday package to families in order to enjoy, delighted and spend a comfortable vacation with their loved ones. We focus on the quality of service we provide to satisfy our customer’s needs. Customers are our most important and key factor in our business operation therefore, serving them is our utmost priority.


There are three main values by which the family of Vacation International work by: self-integrity, a clear conscience and most important of all, transparency.


For the short-run period, Vacation International’s goals are:

    • To build a loyal customer base and serve them in the best way possible.
    • To maintain our good reputation as a holiday package provider with a prestigious high-quality service.

As for the long-term goals:

    • Being worldwide known for our excellent services we liked to expand the business.
    • Be reputable of being a socially responsible corporation and accelerate the goals of the Qatar 2030 National Vision.
    • Recognized as a catalyst and change agent to the Tourism and Economy of Qatar.
    • Our company aims at survival in the Qatar Tourism Industry and growth in order to attain the greater goal of economic growth.


Vacation International does not have only plans for the present but has the future in mind. As a long-term goal and future venture, we aim to diversifying our business activities through attracting tourists in Qatar to support the Tourism industry and working towards the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Vacation International Travel and Tours have the necessary skills and potential to facilitate such a great ambition.


Vacation International is a holiday package provider with a much differentiated method of approach towards customers. Customers are contacted on a day-to-day basis inviting them to attend a presentation about the holiday package. The customers purchase the product if they are interested. Also, a promotional package is offered to customers who purchase one of the main packages. Customer service is offered in terms of bookings and reservations to five-star hotels. Any queries are answered by the customer service department, the receptionist(s) and if necessary, higher management is involved.


Our main packages are offered in any of these ten countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Indonesia and Morocco and all over the world in accordance to the customers’ preferences.

Our packages are obtainable at a variety of prices according to the type of package and to which destinations which the family deserved to spend their holiday.

  • Bookings and reservations to five-star hotels
  • Attending to customer queries regarding their purchased packages or their bookings/reservations


“It is indisputable that the routine of life is boredom in its finest ways. We protest against the routine of life through our luxurious and pampering vacations.”