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Qatar is an ideal for travel and business destination.

Islam is the dominating religion in the country. People of Qatar are generous and hospitable. The country is rich in cultural heritage and many historical places to visit. It has natural tourist attraction like the famous stunning desert and exotic sand dunes, inland seas, a peninsula which is surrounded by the beautiful beaches. The country has also beautiful parks, leisure destination, luxury hotels and restaurant to dine in, malls and the famous Katara (Valley of Culture)

People of Qatar are conservative in custom and tradition, rich in religious festivities to celebrate and also holidays. Expatriates requires to observe courtesy and etiquette in respect to the Qatari culture and traditions.  Qatar is the most safe country for travel and destination.

The country has moderate desert climate with pleasant mild winter and hot summer. Winter night can be cool but, temperature rarely drop below 7⁰ C rainfall is scare average 70 mm per year, falling on isolated days mainly between October and March.

 Local Time GMT. Plus 3 hours throughout the year

Qatar is aiming huge to be the first and be the leading hub on sports within GCC countries and awarded to host World Cup by the year 2022.

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